“Connecting for Wealth Creation”

These are experts form a third party survey of individuals, families and closely held corporations we have collaborated with. Complete copy of the report upon request.

Why we use this firm:

  • “Tennessee is personable, honest, hardworking and diligent. Other brokers are not like that.”
  • “We use him because he has good ideas, comes up with opportunities, listens to what I’m looking for and applies it rather than just using a shotgun approach.”
  • “I don’t remember why I chose Tennessee the first time. After that, I chose him because of very positive experiences.”
  • “I can trust Tennessee to look out for me. He did that well, without my ever having to articulate my need for it. For example, Tennessee prepped me on what to ask for; what to make sure was included. That made me confident that I was in the hands of someone who wouldn't let the other party take advantage of me.”
  • “Tennessee puts forth extra effort. He cares about more than just closing the deal. He considers all aspects of the deal–price, other options I wouldn't know about. He has helped me in ways that don’t even have to do with the real estate deal. He genuinely cares–that's his most positive impact.”
  • “Tennessee was easy to work with. We had fun. In some tricky situations, we could communicate on how to handle the situation graciously without having to say a word to each other.”
  • “Tennessee is easy to communicate with. He “gets” you; you don’t have to say things 10 different ways.”